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Rocco Imbesi
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Robert Hamady
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Loy Roberson
Bob Sivulich
Ron Jackson
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Frank Grantz
Wayne Klootwyk
Brian Daniels
Hobart Marine Corps League

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

July / August 2019

1.  Hobart  Fourth of July Parade.  Twenty members from the Detachment showed up in the blistering heat for the parade.  Crowd estimates were at between 3,000 to 5,000 Hobart residents  watched the parade.  As we proceeded along the parade route, the Hobart residents, clapped, wave, and cheered on the  convoy of five Marine vehicles , D .Boyd's motorcycle and Honor Guard. Also, we got four volunteers from Hobart JROTC to hand out flags to the crowd that walked along the Marine vehicles.  The heat was recorded to be around 87 degrees and no breeze.  The Marine Honor Guard consisting of Gregg Burke, Sammy Eaton, Scott HIcks, and Rob McCuan set the pace for the parade.  They stopped at Burns Funeral Home and Rees Funeral  Home to fire a volley of rounds to honor past veterans. The did one heck of job in the heat carrying flags and rifles for the 1.8 mile walk on the  hot pavement. Our share of the parade lasted about one hour.  We left for the Post 54 for some  lunch and liquid refreshments. Overall I believe the parade lasted about two hours. Those valiant Detachment  that participated were:  Ron Jackson, Sharon (Dwight Boyd's Friend) Sammy Eaton, Dwight Boyd, Ed Spak, Sam Gudinio, Scott Hicks, Andre Sanchez and his family, Bob Hamady, Wayne and Sharon Klootwyk , Joe and Barbara Pajonk, Rob Burke, Bob Sivulich (Note:  this 78 year old walked half the  parade route walking  with the kids handing out flags, Kudos' to Captain Bob), Greg and Sharon Burke,  and "Cookie" Wilson.  I believe we handed out abut 4,000 U.S. Flags that everyone that received was waving them during the parade.  A wonderful show of patriotism.  The remaining 70 members of the Detachment are proud of  you guys for the great display in  promoting the Marines and the Marine Corps League. General Holland M. (Howlin Mad) Smith is happy in heaven on your efforts for the good representation of his be loved U.S. Marine Corps. Semper Fi.
2.  State Department Honors.  Gregg Burke was selected the Devil Dog of the Year.  He received a large trophy for his outstanding leadership and work.  Also, brother, Rob Burke holds the title of Senior Dog for Orientation on the State Level Dog's Pounds. Sharon Klootwyk is the Department's State Chaplain. We are fortunate  to have three ranking officer's on State level to be members of this Detachment. Congrats to them on their positions and good luck to them. 
3.  Portage Miller's Senior Living Home Visit.  Chaplain Boyd had previously made contact with  Nursing Officials, Lynne Jordan and Shelley about visiting a 100 year old Army veteran who turned l00  years old on July 4th. After we got cooled down and rested, myself and Chaplain Boyd went to visit the l00 year old Army veteran, Everett Gasper.  We were greeted at the Home by Lynne and Shelley who took us to his birthday party room. He served in campaigns on New Guinea.
He stated his battles were overshadowed by Marines fighting in Tarawa, Saipan, and Iwo Jima.  He was surprised to Marines at his party.  Chaplain Boyd, a Vietnam veteran  and Mr. Gasper hit it off talking  about the differences in fighting WWII in the jungles and the Vietnam war. We stayed about fifteen minutes with his family who all very nice to us.  We left him with a Veterans" Shut In" bag.  The Nursing Home officials would like for us to return for other veterans  events if available.  I hope we made Mr. Gasper happy. +
4. New Members.  We would like to welcome new members:  James Wiltshire (Retired Navy Captain) as a Associate member, Brian Cody, Marine; David Evans, Marine;and Marine, Tyrone Sheriff.  They are great additions to our  Detachment.  Make an attempt to meet and welcome them to our  Marine Corps League Detachment. Your help is needed in getting new members.  
5.  Indiana Veterans' Home, West Lafayette.  Judge Advocate, Pete Van Woerden and myself attended the IVA Home on legion business and found time to meet up with a Marine resident. We were  introduced to a  retired Marine Staff Sergeant, Richard Cox, 82 years old.  We had a conversation with him  
for a short time.  I left him a MCL application.  I hope to make him a member of our Detachment.  A picture was taken of him with Pete and myself.  At our June meeting the Detachment sent him a "Thinking of You" card.   
6.  Post 54 Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Post 54 Service Officer and Marine, Joey Pajonk, Jr. organized the June 14th  event.  Invited was a Army Medical Unit based in New Chicago.  This was the largest attended flag burn event that I ever attended. League members in attendance included, myself, Chuck Newcomb, Bob Zemburski, Sam Gudino, Dwight Boyd  and Barbara Pajonk.  Members of the medical unit and Legion members assisted in the burning of the Flags.  New Legion Commander, Bill Cox offer the Legion comments from the Legion Manual Of Ceremonies manual. 
7.  Ninth annual VA2K Walk & Roll.  Myself, Chaplain Dwight Boyd and his friend, Sharon completed this 2 K walk.  Sharon is a power walker  and did it a much faster time than I and Dwight. This walk was  at the Veterans Adam Benjamin Clinic located at 93rd and Broadway, Crown Point.  .After making our donation we received refreshments and talked  with some of the medical staff.  They were pleased to see the Marines participating in this yearly event to benefit health and VA homeless programs. 
July 20th, 2019, VFW Bike run, Post 5365, 540 Indiana Street Hobart, IN., 11:00 AM sign up, 11:45 KSU.  $10.00 Singles, $15.00 couples. Sponsored by AVMRA, Chapter 13.
Toys for Tots, Toy Round-UP.  Poker Run:  KSU 11:00 AM-Last Bike in 4:00 PM. $20.00 Singles/$25.00 Doubles. Cook Out 4-7 PM Tickets:  $10.00 at the door for food, bonfire and music. Get $5.00 off of Poker Run with new, unwrapped toy!  Saturday, September 21, 2019. 208 S. Linda Street, Hobart, Indiana. Sponsors:  Marine Corps League, Howlin Mad Detachment, American Legion Post #54, Northwest Indiana Auto Trade Association, American Legion Riders. For more information, call 219-712-9489. 
Marine Corps League Picnic, 5:30 PM, August 19, 2019.  Post 54.  Sit down meal. Citizen and Detachment awards. Silent auction.
September 11, 2019, Patriot Day
September 16, MCL Meeting at 6:30 PM, Large Hall. 
September 18, U.S. Air Force Birthday
Past Commandant, Chuck, Gunny,  Newcomb granddaughter has applied for MCL 2019 National Scholarship Program.   Let's hope she gets it. 
Sgt. Grit, Tee shirt quote:  "Not as Lean, Still as Mean, Always a Marine"!


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